found this gem while taking my senior pictures.

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Once you get this you have to list 5 things you like about yourself, publicly, then send this to 10 of your favorite followers. Not negotiable.

why does everyone send me these things honestly half of them I don’t do and the other half I post and then don’t send to people because I’m a lazy piece of shit

if I’m really one of your favorite bloggers let me know in a more direct way like coming into my ask box and leaving some heavy breathing or a cute message whatever you like I’m friendly I don’t bite 

ANYWAYS since I started this I gotta do it but I’m not gonna send this sorry love you

1. My stunning confidence that has been boosted since coming onto tumblr

2. My passionate hate for all people

3. My passionate love for most everyone except a few selects

4. My dogs and cats

5. The way I both hate and love my body 

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Favorite supernatural story line?

okay this is a tough one  can you come back and ask me after I’ve rewatched at least the first 5 seasons you’re allowed to bug me constantly until I’ve finished them which should be by mid-next week (if I haven’t finished at least to season 8 by then because hello netflix) 

I’ll start now I’ve been meaning to rewatch for awhile. Do you think I could skip season 1 or not….probably but probably not, might as well watch it. ~fun~

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ahh! YOU'VE BEEN INFECTED BY THE CROATOAN VIRUS. You begin to develop violent tendencies and the desire to orgy - but most of all, the desire to infect others. Send this to the first ten on your dash and make sure we spread the disease!

eyyyyyyy croatoan and orgies hella infect me more

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shoutout to all the monosexuals who’ve invalidated bisexuals so much by saying that we’re “not queer enough” or “just straight and looking for attention”, especially to teen girls who ID as bi, you’ve made it nearly impossible to call myself bi and properly label myself without feeling gross&confused, thanks for that. (& yeah this includes monosexuals who’re part of the lgbtq community, don’t look so surprised)

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the cucumber saga

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the best thing about tyler joseph is that he makes this serious face while doing weird things and its so funny





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